Hello!  Thank you for checking out my blog.  I hope you find it not only interesting, but encouraging and uplifting.  I pray that you experience the love and peace of Christ throughout your week.
I am a 20-year-old newly wed originally from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania who now resides near Akron, Ohio.  Along with my two younger brothers, I was homeschooled until I graduated in 2014, and then I went on to earn my Associates Degree in English and Journalism.
My hobbies are varied, and not limited to: reading, writing, hiking, training horses, working with animals, photography, hunting, baking/cooking, quilting, etc.
I am a follower of Christ, and am learning to confidently make healthy decisions, as well as learning to be transparent with my struggles.  I am also figuring out how to be patient, especially when it comes to trusting God.
Along with my husband, our hearts are for young people and purity.  My passion is also for young women, as I want them to discover their identity as daughters of the King, and understand their worth and value as strong women of God in today’s society.  Our hearts are also burdened for victims of sex trafficking and we are praying for ways to become involved in ministry to help those affected.

In Christ,

Rachel Helmuth