15 Ways You’re Damaging Your Hair


Frizzy, curly hair is a nuisance and there is nothing worse than damaged hair.  It is course and dried out, it feels like straw, it is always frizzy, and breaks so easily.  The damage seems to be so evident, regardless of what style you are wearing – and that is embarrassing…so how can you tame that frizz on a daily basis so straightening it will be a breeze?
Many women fear that when their hair reaches this point, it seems as though there’s nothing that can be done.
Well, the good news is that there are solutions, but first, try these simple tips to start avoiding breakage right away.

  1. There are so many ways that hair can become damaged, and so many reasons why it is brittle and breaking. Frizz can be just a part of your natural hair texture, or it can be affected by environmental elements.  Believe it or not, the weather can actually negatively affect hair.  Especially during the arid winter months, hair dries out because of the lack of moisture in the air.
  2. Sometimes, people’s scalps simply do not produce enough oil to keep their hair moisturized and it becomes dry and brittle. Try washing massaging your hair/scalp with vegetable oil to restore moisture.
  3. Spending a lot of time in the direct sunlight, or wind, can affect hair too, and cause breakage.
  4. The chlorine in swimming pools can also dry out hair and make it feel course.
  5. Straight ironing hair, daily, can easily cause it to become straw-like as the applied heat dries out the natural oils in the strands.
  6. Straightening or curling your hair with a tool that is too hot, will also wreak havoc on your beautiful tresses. Thinner hair requires a lower heat setting – usually 300 degrees or less.  A general rule of thumb to follow is:  the thicker the hair, the higher the heat.
  7. Ponytails can even damage hair, both at the follicles and where it is gripped by the hair tie, especially if it is pulled tight day after day.
  8. Using rubber-band type hair ties can be very rough on hair. It is far better to use soft, coated ones that slide easily over the hair instead of sticking and grabbing.  When the hair ties stick and grab, they pull and break the hairs, causing massive damage and lots of frizz.
  9. On the same note, it is better for the hair if hair ties are unwound from the ponytail instead of simply being yanked out. Tearing the ponytail holder out of the hair will only cause damage to the strands.
  10. Using a brush or comb on wet hair causes it to break off and results in split ends. Many stylists warn against this as hair is at its weakest when it is wet – they suggest waiting until it is dry and strong again before raking a brush through it
  11. Even the way you care for your hair can provoke static, too. Drying hair too roughly with a towel after washing it can create broken and frizzy hair.  Thus, avoid scrubbing your hair if you towel-dry your hair after a shower.  It’s best to gently dab with the towel because rubbing will cause a ton of damage and breakage to your hair
  12. Do not straighten your hair while it’s still wet after a shower – when a hot flat iron is applied to wet hair, it literally boils the hair, drying it out and creating that despised frizz.
  13. Dragging a brush through the hair, root to end will surely cause broken and damaged hair – always start from the ends and work the brush slowly to the roots to ease out tangles.
  14. Avoid products that contain alcohol in them.
  15. Always be sure to use heat protection on your hair when curling or straightening.

Use caution when it comes to shampoos

Sometimes, even those who take really great care of their hair still have issues with brittle and dried out hair.  This is because many shampoos, whose companies insist that it “strengthens and moisturizes,” really just bathes your hair in artificial chemicals.  Our bodies were not made to be lathered in man-made chemicals, and neither was our hair.  Some women admit that their hair feels worse and they see more split ends after using shampoo than when they use natural ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, aloe vero, or castor oil.
So to take good care of your hair on a regular basis, where do you get heathy, natural shampoos?

Is it possible to shower…too often?

Yes, it is, and showering too frequently is bad for our health.  Many women shower and wash their hair daily – this causes another problem and seems to be counter-productive.  When you scrub your body or hair during a shower, you are washing away your body’s natural oil.  This oil is your body’s way of protecting itself against germs, airborne pathogens, etc. without this natural oil, your body cannot stay as healthy.  When you shower every day and remove all of your body’s natural, healthy oils, it causes your body to “panic.”  This reaction makes your body produce even more oils to try to replace the ones you scrub off.  In essence, this routine actually gets your body into the habit of over-producing oils, which makes you , and your hair, even oilier than you would be if you would stop showering every day.  It is highly recommended that you shower and wash your hair only three times a week (every other day) instead of every day.  This keeps you healthy, smelling good, and prevents your body from over-compensating for its lack of oils.

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  1. Good advice Rachel 😘


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